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Dr. Pushpa Chandra is a Vancouver based Naturopathic Physician with an integrative approach to healthcare. Her background includes over 27 years of acute care hospital experience as a registered nurse, and 22 years at BC Children's Hospital in critical care, working with the province's sickest children.

Dr. Pushpa specializes in Pediatrics and Sports Medicine, and uses Prolotherapy and Laser Therapy to effectively treat patients with a long list of medical conditions.

A competitive sports enthusiast with a unique insight into Sports Medicine, Dr. Pushpa has completed multiple marathons and triathlons, including Ironman Canada® in 2000.



Dr. Pushpa's World Marathon Challenge and the Schools On Wheels initiative

For her 60th year, Dr. Pushpa will reach a pinacle in her career as a runner — the 777 or the 2018 World Marathon Challenge — and will put her physical and mental limits to the test for a cause of special significance.

She will run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days with the goal of raising $30,000 in donations for Plan International’s Schools on Wheels.

The project aims at providing mobile classrooms for 60 girls living on the streets of Mumbai, India. The plan is to keep them from becoming child labourers or child brides by ensuring their education from year to year.

Please support Plan International's ​Schools on Wheels ​and ​help ​60 children ​get a great start in life. Learn more about the program here and read the Vancouver Sun article.

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Shift Workers Health

In 2016 Dr. Pushpa's company, Shift Workers Health, launched Awake and Asleep — natural products with clinically proven ingredients. They are first of their kind in Canada and have been developed to help shift workers reverse the insidious effects of sleep deprivation.

To learn more about these products, please watch Dr. Pushpa's webinar, or visit Shift Workers Health website.

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Shift Workers Health: Awake Shift Workers Health: Asleep




Dr. Pushpa's practice

Dr. Pushpa believes in providing the body with the tools it needs to heal itself. And she believes that nutrition and exercise play a vital role in the maintenance of good health.

Read more about Dr. Pushpa's practice and extraordinary sports achievements, and watch the video below: