Charity Work

Reaching out to the community is also one of Dr. Pushpa Chandra's passions. She has been involved in a variety of community health seminars, and has given public talks about health and wellness. In 2004, Dr. Pushpa traveled to Chandigar, India, as a volunteer with Operation Rainbow Canada, an organization that provides medical treatment and surgery to underprivileged children.

In a nutshell, CSNG is a vision of mine to nurture, develop and foster a successful Canadian school for Nepalese girls in the Khumbu region near the base of Mount Everest.

The mission for this school is to provide sustainable education opportunities for Nepalese girls who do not have the resouces or the opportunity to participate in a normal school environment.

The seed for this vision came when Dr. Pushpa Chandra traveled to Nepal and observed the circumstances of the young girls in that area. This school, both the physical structure and the ongoing entity, will be created through collaborative Canadian efforts.

Dr. Pushpa invites you to come and browse the website of Global Giving and Empowering Nepali Girls. She also welcomes you to participate in this vision to make a difference in these girls' lives. Stand up, be counted and make a difference in a young Nepalese girl's life. Thank you!

A short film about Dr. Pushpa's charity work for Nepalese girls:



The Vancouver Sun article

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Everest Marathon Fund

The Everest Marathon is a 26.2 mile high altitude mountain marathon held every 2 years in Nepal, which requires endurance and stamina. Participants raise money for the Everest Marathon and can designate the money raised for a particular cause. Thank you to everyone who helped raise money for the education of Nepal's young girls. Learn more about the marathon in Publicity