Dr. Pushpa's Shift Worker's Health

Dr. Pushpa has developed two natural doctor-formulated products with clinically proven ingredients to help shift workers reverse the adverse effects of sleep deprivation.

Awake is comprehensive all-natural, caffeine-free formulation


Asleep is designed to help those suffering from a restricted or altered sleep schedule



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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a broadly encompassing term covering all aspects of an athlete's health and performance.

Having competed in 35 marathons, several triatholons, hundreds of running races and the Ultimate Ironman competion in Canada, Dr. Pushpa Chandra has a unique approach to sports medicine.


Laser Therapy

Dr. Pushpa Chandra has been employing laser therapy's vast potential to successfully treat patients with a long list of medical issues ranging from back problems to dermatological conditions. Learn more here.



Prolotherapy is one of Dr. Pushpa's treatment methods for sports injuries. Prolotherapy is a non-surgical joint reconstruction method that stimulates the body to repair and strengthen ligaments and tendons. In turn, this restores stability, improves functioning, and reduces pain.

Prolotherapy involves an injection of natural substances to the site of injury. These substances assist in stimulation and healing of the tendons and ligaments. Technically speaking, prolotherapy allows for fibroblastic proliferation. Fibroblasts are the cells that grow the ligaments. By increasing the growth rate of these fibroblasts, through prolotherapy, new and strong collagen tissue is formed which repairs the injured ligaments and tendons.

In its modern form, Prolotherapy has been practiced for over 100 years, and in Canada only physicians are licensed in its application.

Prolotherapy is most effective for athlethes suffering from:


Length of Treatment:

The response to treatment varies from patient to patient and most accurately depends on one's innate healing ability. Some patients require only a few sessions while other may need ten or more. The average is about four to six treatments.