Below is a listing of testimonials submitted by our clients. We would like to thank each of them for their support!

Submitted by: Todd Gallagher

I was training for an ultramarathon (the knee knacker) and injured my knee on one of the long runs. I was unable to walk up or down stairs, and my Medical Doctor told me I would be unable to complete this race. The knee specialist at UBC also told me I would need surgery to repair the damage done to my knee. Needless to say I was devistated, having trained so hard for so long. I went to see pushpa 5 weeks ago for treatment. She is an athlete and knows what it means to someone who trains for something like this. Right from the start she told me not to worry and that I would be able to finish this race. 3 days after the first treatment I was able to run for 1.5 hours with no knee pain!! Two days ago I finished the knee knacker, a 50 kilometer trail race with over 16,000 feet of elevation gain and loss in a time of 7 hous 44 minutes with no knee pain!!!! Thank you Pushpa, your positive attitude and excellent skills have helped me to accomplish something that every other health care proffesional said I couldn't do. Words cannot express how much this means to me. I would never have been able to reach this goal without her help! Thank you thank you thank you!

Posted At: Mon Jul 14 09:21:34 2008

Submitted by: Walter V. Cicha (Ph.D., Chemistry)

Dr. Chandra is no less than a highly inspirational magician. I first came to see her hunched over during April 2008 after a hard day of alpine skiing at Whistler. This was after a number of chiropractors and physiotherapists could not straighten me nor get rid of the acute pain in my lower back. Three treatments later, my back felt better than it had in years! I have one badly degenerate disc and two other not totally healthy discs in my lower back but, following Dr. Chandra's fascinating treatment, I am again able to climb the Grouse Grind in less than 40 minutes (at age 46), commute on my bike 50 km per day with loaded saddlebacks, hike/run the North Shore trails at will, and golf aggressively. I am even planning to summit Mt. Baker (WA) and Mt. Baldy (CA) this summer, and will start playing ice hockey again alongside alpine skiing too! Oh, Dr. Chandra also treated my left ailing knee once in May 2008, and it now feels well enough to do all these sports again without the use of any pain-killers. If any part of your musculoskeletal structure is troubling you and especially if traditional care has not helped, don't hesitate to call Dr. Chandra to set up an appointment! I wholeheartedly recommend her, both for her brand of healing "magic," and for her magical optimism!

Posted At: Fri Jul 11 12:39:26 2008

Submitted by: Simon Chow

I write this to express my sincere appreciation for Dr. Pushpa.

In March 2007 I had micro-fracture surgery on my right knee. It was three weeks post surgery and the inflammation had not abated causing me some concern. I began looking into alternative treatments aside from Advil and related anti-inflammatory options. By chance I came upon Dr Chandra, who I knew as an Ironman triathlete, and gave her a call for advice with little expectation of a naturopathic solution.

It was the best thing I did for my recovery. Dr Chandra suggested a course of therapy that within 4 days of the first session had caused the inflammation to subside considerably. Therapy lasted a total of only 5 sessions, but more than the therapy itself was the attitude of Dr Chandra. It was obvious from the very start that getting me back to the level of physical activity I was accustomed to was almost as important to her, as it was to me.

Furthermore, her positive attitude, encouragement and good advice further sped my recovery along at an even faster rate. I have been back on my bike training and will be embarking on a 14 day bike tour to the Italian alps shortly. Without Dr Chandra's intervention my recovery would not be as far along as it is today, of that I am very certain.

Posted At: Fri Aug 31 19:54:40 2007